The Meat Man

Putting a face to the name of the Nation’s local butcher.


The Meat Man is the UK’s fastest growing online butchers, competing with some of the biggest online food retailers. They approached us to improve their brand, and to help take the company to the next level.

The existing branding had become dated and didn’t represent the quality that The Meat Man provides. The new branding needed to have a quality but approachable feel and needed to apply to all target markets; from Mrs Jones down the road to gym goers and ultimate foodies.

One of the problems with the existing ‘lime green’ was that it was hard to work alongside other colours. Another issue was that luminous feel has negative connotations – being related to a cheaper brand with rock bottom offers that you’d see in bold fonts on a neon background.


A completely customised font was created exclusively for The Meat Man. With the varied range of markets that The Meat Man will be targeting, a font that can be used universally was essential. Starting out with harsh edges… rounded edges and curves were added to give it a softer and more welcoming look.

Having this as the focal point of the logo gives our message prominence. Framed in a traditional ‘hand-crafted’ etch marquee to further the hands on butcher approach, flowing into a handwritten ‘The’ which will give the illusion of a signature.

A stamped monogram sits at the bottom of the branding, which is a seal of approval and quality stamp.


We wanted to achieve a modern style based on traditional values and influences. By using traditional etched graphics and a hand drawn modern etched depiction of the man himself.

Putting a face to the name, this creates a much more personable feeling and a knowledge that you’re buying from a quality, traditional butcher rather than a mass producing ‘meat factory’… developing a trust with customers.


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